Winter is Here and so is Arctic academy

January 3, 2018 was our first Arctic Academy day in Monongalia County.  Teachers were available at school throughout the day to help students with lessons that had been pushed out to them previously on their Chromebooks. Students without internet at home were encouraged to mark any non-Google documents for offline use so they could be accessed without wi-fi.  Most teachers posted these lessons to their Google Classrooms that are used daily in school. Some teachers may have posted these lessons to Engrade.  Either way, students interact with these regularly and should be able to navigate both to do Arctic Academy lessons. 

If students were not able to access their lessons today, students should talk with their teachers in person when returning to school or via email or Engrade messaging.  As noted on the county website, students will be given a minimum of two days and up to five days to turn in Arctic Academy assignments before being marked missing in Engrade.  Therefore, if students had difficulty completing assignments today, they can talk with teachers and have more time to complete the assignments.  We all want students to be successful in completing these lessons, and teachers are eager to work with students so they have the materials needed.  Please be patient with us as we work through this learning process in hopes of making it a valuable and seamless learning experience for students. Rest assured we are reflecting on ways to make the process better and are appreciative of the efforts students and parents have made. 

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