VEX Robotics Teams at Westwood

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VEX Robotics Teams
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Westwood offers exciting endeavors in science and technology for students.  For several years, Westwood has had robotics teams.  Currently Westwood supports three robotics teams that include students currently attending Westwood along with some high school students who are Westwood alumni.  These three teams participate in VEX Robotics Competitions.  In VEX, students take metal parts, wheels, and other parts to craft, design, and create a robot that will complete specific tasks in order to score points.  Starstruck was the VEX game for the 2016-17 school year.  The game tasks included picking up oddly shaped rubber stars and tossing or pushing them over into the opponent’s field area.  Robots could also earn extra points by “hanging.”  This occurs when the robot lifts off the game mat and suspends from a pole on the field. 

All three Westwood teams experienced success in competition this season.  Westwood VEX Robotics attended seven competitions in three states and qualified at least one team in the elimination rounds in every event. Cabin 9 made it to two quarterfinals, four semi-finals, and the finals in one competition. SteamBotics went to quarterfinals five times, semi-finals twice, and earned the Sportsmanship Award at the Mahoning Valley Qualifier in Ohio and at the West Virginia State Championship. Our Classical Mechanics went to the quarter-finals twice, semifinals once, the finals three times, and won the coveted Tournament Champion Award at the Bridge Valley Community Technical College Qualifier.  Congratulation to each team on their hard work and dedication.